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Male and Females welcome in all classes.  Classes one hour unless specified.



KIDS BJJ 4 to 12 years


For personal or private group sessions with Attila where he will be able to give you his full focus and personal coaching with advice on nutrition,dietry requirements and all round well being. With personal training you will grow leaps and bounds toward your fitness, strength, MMA and fat loss goals. Remember; this is not time to play, in this time you will put in the work and you will have Attila there to make sure you do.

We work on whole body fitness through different styles which include boxing, cardio training, toning and core training.  The benefits of your training is endless – increase flexibility, decrease pain, improve posture,promote muscle tone, increase energy, lower stress levels, improve circulation, create strength without the bulk ladies don’t like.

Training sessions can be conducted singularly or in groups


Different age group training is offered, from the age of 4. The foundation of our training is taught through fun exercises.  An enjoyable time in a disciplined environment, hence the need for enjoyment is not overlooked.  No sparring and no striking! Emphasis is placed on self-development, strength, conditioning, and most importantly self-defence. Students learn MMA skills through grappling,boxing and strength training.






We teach our students to understand body mechanics, leverage, balance and professional concepts that enable them to learn the principles of MMA and keep them for life…… take down and take down defence through Olympic Style Greco and Free Style Wrestling; effective way to finish the fight without striking through grappling which includes chokes, locks, submission holds; two most effective striking arts i.e.boxing and Muay Thai.  Training for all levels – from the beginner to advanced student.  Develop the skills and knowledge of MMA with a new level of fitness in a fun environment.

adult classes
Adult classes II




This is not for the faint hearted.  MMA skills are taught on a more advanced level were you mix it up with the fighters. You will need Attila’s approval to move to these classes, and that takes some time if you have never trained like this before. These classes take a toll on the body and you therefore need to be strong all round to handle the pace and intensity.