Attila Barna


Looking at Attila today, you can almost visualize Attila, the 4 year old boy, growing up in a communist Hungary, acquiring the taste for wrestling and cutting his teeth on the amateur mats and circuits.  It was there that the taste for wrestling and the seed for MMA was born.  With a string of titles and championships beneath him by the age of 20, it was clear Attila was headed for fame as part of the National Hungarian Wrestling Team.  The collapse of Hungary forced Attila to broaden his horizons and he headed to America before finally settling in South Africa.

In America, opportunity knocked and Attila began helping the current Abu Dhabi grappling champion with his wrestling technique and the success that pursued, opened up many doors of opportunity for Attila.  One of those doors led to South Africa.

With his reputation for toughness and dry sense of humour Attila has become legendary around the fitness circuits and the inner circles of MMA.  It does not take long for the name Attila to come up in any conversation in the word of wrestling or current MMA circuit.

Beginning his journey in wrestling at the tender age of 4, Attila has wrestled for the Hungarian National Team, won the Hungarian National Championships and received a number of medals in the Senior Championships by the age of 20.  To date Attila is one of South Africa’s premier wrestling, grappling and fitness coaches and has helped many professional fighters climb the ranking ladders to their highest reigns.  He has built a stand fast reputation as being one of the toughest in the game and his no nonsense approach clearly works.

Due to his growing popularity and passion for the sport, Attila opened the doors to his gym in Pineslopes, Johannesburg, with Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Attila’s FitnessCircuit, MMA, Grappling, Boxing, Wrestling to name just a few, the session choices are endless and the clientele varied and fun.

As you get to know Attila you will realize that past the tough exterior he is one of the nicest and most down to earth people in the sport.  You will experience a man that is decent and caring and he has to be one of the nicest tough guys we know.

The sport and fitness circuit is lucky to have such a character in it!